Moving into the Infinite



... is a campeign in order to raise the funds for our postproduction.

200 friends I have put on our list. I chose dear ones, who I feel close to, or people who run Yoga Center´s or something alike. If you are not on the list but would like to particiapte, please contact me. I will forward you instructions, username and password for the Golden200 download site. You will have access to some of our footage we made for the film. For example some of the full interviews we did with extraordinary people or excellent story telling from the Australien mystic Patricia Chong! Also we edited a little video to introduce the filmprojet to you :-)

With this gifts for you, you could gather with friends in a "home cinema athmosphere". While informing about our project, you can tell your friends that our project relies on donations. If each gives a donation of about 10 Euros per film night, quickly you could gather some contribution for our postproduction. If all of our Golden200´s can forward each 200 Euros to us, we will be able to finalize our film! Your name will be listed on the Golden List, too :-) and it will also be your project by then :-)

Apart from this campeign of course we are thankful for each donated Euro :-) The DVDs can also be ordered individually. (DVD Gallery). We have prepared a list of gifts which we can forward to you, starting from a donation of 48 Euros.