Moving into the Infinite



Eckart Reichl ( director of photography, camera-regie ) and myself have amlost concluded the days of filming for Moving into the Infinite. Besides a few days left, we have entered to mode of postproduction! Since our heart´s project depends on donations, there rose a beautiful idea to my mind:

As you klick on "Golden200" you will find out what that means and how you can join :-) If you are already a member and want to download our presents for you, klick here: Golden200 Download

Apart from this campeign of course we are happy and thankful for each donated Euro :-) donate  

We have prepared a list of gifts which we can forward to you, starting from a donation of 48 Euros. Also check our DVD gallery

I am counting on your support :-) 

this little film is only in german, but you may get the content by simply watching the pictures!?