Moving into the Infinite


Paramjyoti Vita

Date of birth: 1.8.1973

Place of birth: Tiengen, a small town in the south of Germany

1993 graduation from High School

1998 Diploma for Modern Dance, AHK-Amsterdam, Amsterdam/Netherlands

2000 Graduation from Berkeley Psychic Institute, California/USA

2002 founding "Devadasi - Dance of the Heart"

My inner search for truth and my natural way of expression via dance was my motivation for founding Devadasi- Dance of the Heart. With this continuously unfolding art, I travel worldwide to share love and truth, bridging cultures and spiritual beliefs. Reaching out to human hearts and strengthening the connection between the soul and its Source is a matter dear to my heart.

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In meeting Karin Hermes Sunke, I found my first dance teacher, who was able to educate my body, mind and heart likewise. After studying with Bertram Ross and Mary Anthony in New York City/Manhattan, I was honored to meet legends of Modern Dance such as Steve Paxton and Nancy Stark Smith in the Art Academy AHK-Amsterdam/Netherlands, where I graduated with the Diploma for Modern Dance. Four years later, the seed for “Devadasi - Dance of the Heart”, my own expression of dance, was received inwardly. For 7 years I spent a lot of my time in India, where the first inspiration for the Dance Ritual came to me. For more than 15 years, I have been travelling, teaching and dancing in more than 20 countries.